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aussies.space is a tilde located in australia focused around australian tilde users.

sysadmin: fosslinux

os: ubuntu lts

channel: #aussie

created: Tue Feb 19th, 2019


cosmic.voyage is a tilde community based around a collaborative science-fiction universe.

sysadmins: tomasino fosslinux

os: ubuntu lts

channel: #cosmic

created: Tue Nov 20th, 2018


Ctrl-C Club is a Linux server offering free SSH and web accounts to users who want to build webpages, chat online, learn Linux, play text console games, or fiddle around writing software.

sysadmin: calamitous

os: ubuntu lts

channel: #ctrl-c

created: Sat Dec 6th, 2014


A small but growing community of people sharing a computer and talking about the intersection of the human experience and the forces of nature

sysadmin: sparrow

os: openSUSE Tumbleweed

channel: #midgard

created: Tue Jan 12th, 2021


An experimental software community with a 199X aesthetic.

sysadmin: adsr

os: debian

channel: #rw.rs

created: Sat Apr 13th, 2019


Un tilde pero en castellano -- a small spanish-speaking tilde

sysadmin: ffuentes

os: openbsd

channel: #texto-plano

created: Fri Oct 30th, 2020


tilde.club is not a social network it is one tiny totally standard unix computer that people respectfully use together in their shared quest to build awesome web pages

sysadmins: deepend ben

os: fedora

channel: #club

created: Tue Sep 30th, 2014


FreeBSD based tilde server with the general purpose of letting users explore FreeBSD.

sysadmin: sarmonsiill

os: freebsd 13

channel: #guru

created: Sat Jul 24th, 2021


A public-access UNIX system running OpenBSD

sysadmins: gbmor kneezle

os: openbsd

channel: #institute

created: Thu Nov 22nd, 2018


tilde.pink is a gopher-only tilde running on NetBSD open to everyone

sysadmin: tiwesdaeg

os: netbsd

channel: #pink

created: Sun Apr 14th, 2019


non-commercial space for teaching, learning, and enjoying the social medium of unix

sysadmins: ben cmccabe khuxkm

os: ubuntu lts and freebsd

channel: #team

created: Tue May 30th, 2017


intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning

sysadmins: vilmibm equa archangelic l0010o0001l

os: ubuntu lts

channel: #town

created: Sat Oct 11th, 2014